Typing Sites

It's good to have a variety of sites.


10fastfingers.com [profile]

I like this website the most of all the ones I use (despite my long list of frustrations with it). It is the website I use for my main average speed and high score, since it uses the same top 200 words for each language in the primary typing test. It is the most consistent of all the typing sites I use in terms of gauging what my nominal speed is.
This is in contrast with most other tyipng sites, especially TypeRacer, since the text you are given to type varies wildly in complexity and length. A pro typist can expect scores ranging from 160 WPM to 260WPM, which is something I don't find particularly attractive.
Also, just the sheer amount of ads on this website is ridiculous. I remember seeing a user by the name of "COCAINE IS GOOD FOR YOU" say something along the lines of "don't support this site, and always use adblockers. this is truly a trash website." Honestly, he has some solid points.

keybr.com [profile]

This site is also one of my more favored ones. It has a clean, simple layout and overall just looks great. It is a great site to practice typing (using a kind of psuedo-English) and warm up your fingers. I have a profile on that site that you can view publicly that has over 70 hours of typing. It is actually the first typing site I had ever used when I initially started my training, so it has a special place in my heart.

keyhero.com [profile]

This is probably my favorite site that provides user-generated text as typing material. It has a great aesthetic, multiple languages, and has a decent live WPM counter. The only thing I really don't care for about the site is the requirement for 100% accuracy or else serious deductions will be taken off your score. I mean, accuracy is mighty important, sure, but just the sheer drop-off your WPM score expereinces as a result of a single wrong keystroke seems like a bit much for me. But, the instant death page is pretty awesome too.

learn2type.com [profile]

This is a great site that showcases the kind of technology that was used back in the day to employ typing tests online. It's pretty raw, just a textbox and a timer! You WON'T be alerted if you make a mistake, and you will just have to know what you're doing. It's really fun to type here every now and again, and don't feel bad if your scores are significantly lower. I don't think I've even scored above 110WPM on there.

TypeRacer [profile]

This site is so obnoxious, I personally cannot stand it, and I'm not sure how so many of the pros like it. The graphics are irritating and distracting, the variance in text quality is higher than on any other site, and a host of other things I don't care to go more into. It suffices me to say that no one should expect me to be on that site much anytime soon.