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I'm currently learning Russian in university. I have had superficial exposure to the language because both my mother and grandmother speak it. My main motivations for learning it was because of its utility online. Unlike the English internet, the Russian internet is almost entirely free of censorship and is blossoming with all kinds of piracy. Also, I have two fluent family members!
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I already speak Armenian, or am at least conversationally fluent. I know the script as well, although most things I read use vocabulary that I am largely unfamiliar with, since almost all of my exposure to the language is familial. I am currently working through a textbook with my dad to better understand grammar and beef up our vocabulary. The textbook can be found here.
I speak the Eastern dialect of Armenian, and villager-speak at that! For context, tuning into a national Armenian news channel I can pick up about half of what is said. They often use long, unwieldly words to describe political, social, or international issues. Many Armenians, in fact, tend to use much easier words borrowed from Russian or English to say the same thing in lieu of Armenian. Listen, if you want to be a purist and say Արեգակնաճաճանչացողապայծառափայլատակություն instead of whatever the heck that's supposed to mean, then hey be my guest.
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I always have been fascinated by both the Georgian script and how we know so little about its origins. I also found the ridiculous consonant clusters attractive, so finding the time to leisurely soak in some Georgian was long overdue, I'd say.


Yet another fascinating writing system this one has! Developed by Sequoyah, the Cherokee language boasts a plentiful array of syllable characters (yes, like Japanese, Cherokee is a syllabary). I recently got this book, Master the Cherokee Syllabary, and it's a super helpful guide on how to properly handwrite the symbols. It is the only source, on- or off-line, that has the stroke order and all! I would highly recommend getting it, to support the work that has gone into it.

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