About Me



Welcome to my "about me" page! I'm a second-year college student, and I have a special affinity for old webpages.

My first attempt at a website on neocities can be found here. This project has been abandoned for a number of reasons, but primarily because the file management is absolutely abysmal and the site itself is not aesthetically cohesive. I do think that it has some redeeming qualities, but I thought it would be best to just start anew.

Given that, here's a table that sums up what I'm about:

Likes Dislikes
convenience stores
graphic design
music production
surfin' the web
internet consolidation
intellecual proprty law
net neutrality
most math and CS majors
math jokes
qUiRkY/rAnDoM people
most social media
heathenry [ ✠DEUS VULT✠ ]
the Republic of Turkey

I have a extra few monikers that I use for various purposes

Self portrait, 2020.

eurotrash logo.

eurotrash button.

[I originally considered writing this site strictly in html 2.0, but I decided against it because I wanted to enable the current font and cursor aesthetic to really bring home that oldschool feel. Even if you're on a modern browser, you can feel like you're browsing on an older monitor.]